Split PST Pro

Are you looking to split your oversized PST files? Consider PST Splitter Program, a sophisticated tool to split Outlook data without any error, quickly and effortlessly. It smoothly split any over-sized PST file and makes it easy to manage by users.

split PST pro

Why split Outlook PST files?

Whenever the size of PST file exceeds its maximum size limit, the risk of file corruption increases and also its starts slowing down the performance of MS Outlook. Therefore, to avoid such situations, a common solution is there i.e. to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts.

Why choose PST Split Tool?

Oversized PST files may get corrupt easily than standard-sized PST files. To save your Outlook files from any damage or corruption, keep it small. Often users of Outlook fail to maintain their files at standard size which could result in losing important data. Split PST Program is a smart choice to go with. With just a few simple clicks, data division is possible.

Choosing manual solutions for PST file division could be risky and time-consuming for users. Therefore, professionals advised choosing third-party tools like Split PST Pro.

Incredible Features of Split PST Pro

Split large PST to multiple small PST

If you have a large PST file, then this application quickly divide this PST file into small size PST files. You can swiftly divide PST file as per your requirements without any harm to the original Outlook PST file.

No Outlook installation to split the file

Outlook is not involved in splitting PST file. Without the installation of MS Outlook, one can easily divide any large PST file into smaller parts. Moreover, PST files created in all editions of MS Outlook are supported by the software.

Divide PST by Year

Divide Outlook folders by year. Simply provide the starting year and the end year till which you want to separate PST file. Before the division of PST files, all folders of Outlook data file are shown on the software panel.

Split PST by Folder

Split Outlook PST according to folder that helps you to export Outlook data to a new location. It also allows systematic data collection. You can easily choose the folders of Outlook and divide them based on folders.

Split PST by Date & Size

To divide a PST folder by date, users have to specify the date. PST file can also be divided into any selected size range from MB to GB. If you face any kind of confusion in handling the program, contact our support team round the clock.

Save resultant PST files at any location

The output PST file can be saved to any drive or on the desktop by users. It entirely depends on the user to specify the path to save the resultant PST. There is no such restriction for saving output files with this software.

Split Oversized PST/Archived Files

The software is capable to divide entire Outlook Mailbox and personal folders like contacts, journals, notes, tasks, calendars, etc. It also keeps the original Metadata (to, cc, bcc, sent/receive date & time) as it is before, after completion of PST file division.

Retains Quality

Split PST Program has been designed to safely retain your file quality. It supports both ANSI and Unicode file format. Folders holding non-English or double-byte characters are easily exported with the help of the data.

3 splitting options

You will get three different options with this software to divide PST file – by size, folder, and year. You can easily choose any options as per your convenience among them and can quickly divide Outlook PST file in an easy manner.

Support all Outlook versions

All versions of MS Outlook are well supported by the program. PST files extracted from old and latest versions of Outlook can be simply divided by the software. Without having Outlook installed in the system, one can smoothly perform the division task.

Full security to data

Throughout the PST division task, there is full safety to the user database. No file is misplaced and corrupt while the division of PST file takes place. You can simply ignore empty and deleted folders before the files got split with this software.

Run on all Windows OS

PST Splitter porgram can be comfortably downloaded on all versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and others. Moreover, both 64bit and 32-bit versions of Windows OS are also supported by the software.

Client Testimonials

Yes, all Windows OS editions are well supported by the software including Windows 10, 8, and others.

The Split Outlook PST software creates separate PST file depending on the option you have chosen to split the file.

Yes, all versions of Microsoft Outlook are supported by the program including Outlook 2013, 2007, 2003, 2002, and others.

Yes, you can easily divide PST file or archived nature.

Yes, there is no need to install MS Outlook to divide PST file into parts with this application.

Steps of working

Step by step process to divide large PST file into smaller parts

Follow the simple steps with Split PST Pro and you can divide your PST file instantly –