Split PST Pro

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How Split PST Pro Works?

Check step by step procedure to split PST file into smaller files

Step 1:

Split PST Pro

First Step: Download, Install and Run Split PST Pro.

Now, you will see the software screen as shown on left hand side.

Step 2:

Browse PST File to Split

Second Step: Load PST file to split.

Step 3:

Splitting Option

Third Step: Choose splitting option according to your need.

Step 4:

Split PST by Size

Fourth Step: In this step, you can split .pst file by size.

Step 5:

Split PST by Folder

Fifth Step: By choosing folder option, you will be able to split PST according to folder.

Step 6:

Split PST by Year

Sixth Step: This option will help you to divid large PST file by year.

Step 7:

Select Destination Folder

Seventh Step: Now, you just need to select the desired location for saving splitted .pst file.

Step 8:

Split PST File

Eight Step: Click on "Split PST" button to finalize the Split PST process.

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